Biographical Dictionary of Ancient Egypt by Rosalie and Antony E. David

Ancient Egypt. A Reference Guide. . 2011.

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  • Dedumose II — Pharaoh of Egypt Reign Second Intermediate Period, 16th Dynasty Predecessor Dedumose I ? Successor Montuemsaf …   Wikipedia

  • Pharaoh of the Exodus — In the Bible, the name of the Pharaoh of the Exodus is not given. He is simply called Pharaoh. Muslims also believe in the exodus, as the story is told in the Muslim holy book the Qur an (Koran), although some details of the story are different.… …   Wikipedia

  • 1670s BC — Events and trends* c. 1674 BC End of Middle Kingdom in Ancient Egypt. Start of Second intermediate period. 15th–17th Dynasties. * Egypt: Start of Fifteenth Dynasty. * 1674 BC Death of Pharaoh Tutimaios of Egypt. * 1674 BC Ipuwer Papyrus written.… …   Wikipedia

  • Second Intermediate Period of Egypt — The Second Intermediate Period marks a period when Ancient Egypt once again fell into disarray between the end of the Middle Kingdom, and the start of the New Kingdom. It is best known as when the Hyksos made their appearance in Egypt, whose… …   Wikipedia

  • Dudimose — was a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. He was the last king of Egypt s 13th Dynasty, during the Second Intermediate Period. His death plunged Egypt into anarchy and chaos. He is a candidate for having been the Pharaoh during the Biblical Exodus, which… …   Wikipedia

  • The Exodus — This article is about the events related in the Torah. For other uses, see Exodus (disambiguation). Departure of the Israelites , by David Roberts, 1829 The Exodus (Greek ἔξοδος …   Wikipedia

  • Shiphrah — was one of two midwives who helped prevent the genocide of Hebrew children by the Egyptians, according to Exodus 1:15 21. The name is found in a list of slaves in Egypt during the reign of Sobekhotep III. This list is on Brooklyn 35.1446, a… …   Wikipedia

  • New Chronology (Rohl) — Not to be confused with New Chronology (Fomenko). New Chronology is the term used to describe an alternative Chronology of the ancient Near East developed by English Egyptologist David Rohl and other researchers[1] beginning with A Test of Time:… …   Wikipedia

  • Dedumose I — See also: Dedumose II Djedhetepre Dudimose I was an Egyptian king of the Second Intermediate Period. He is mentioned on stela found at Edfu[1] belonging to a king s son and commander Khonsemwaset. It is not known whether the latter was the son of …   Wikipedia

  • Dudimose — (reigned c. 1674 BC)    Throne name Djedneferre. One of the last rulers of Dynasty 13. He is generally identified with the ruler Tutimaios, mentioned by the historian Josephus probably following Manetho, during whose reign the Hyksos seized power …   Ancient Egypt

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